The "Heathlands of the Greensand Ridge" is a partnership project, led by the Greensand Trust, aiming to restore and improve the management of heathlands and acid grasslands across the Greensand Ridge, helping to create more robust and better linked habitats. In October 2008 the Greensand Trust was awarded 144,000 by Natural England from their Countdown 2010 Biodiversity Action fund to deliver a 3 years project that aims to:

- Restore significant areas of heathland and acid grassland

- Improve the management of existing areas of heathland and acid grassland

- Survey and monitor important sites

- Write Management Plans for key sites

- Purchase equipment that will allow more of these habitats to be more efficiently managed

- Co-ordinate grazing to improve management

- Provide advice for landowners so that they can manage these habitats more effectively

- Engage people through volunteering, events, guided walks, interpretation and educational activities

Any one organisation working in isolation would not be able to make a big enough impact. This partnership project brings together a strong group of partners, including the Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, Forestry Commission and Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity along with the Bedfordshire Natural History Society, the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group, Central Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire County Councils.

Involving people is an important part of this project, especially if it is to continue to be successful beyond the initial 3 year project. Please contact us if you would like to get involved or find out more about events and activities near you email

To download the educational resources click here.

The project is operated from our Maulden office which can be contacted for more information by email, by telephoning 01234 743666 or writing to The Greensand Trust at The Forest Office, Haynes West End, Bedford, MK45 3QT.