Volunteer learning how to lay a hedge
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VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED, THANKYOU TO THOSE OF YOU WHO VOTED FOR THE GREENSANDTRUST. Vote for the Greensand Trust to get a Natwest CommunityForce Award of 6000 to help the Working Woodland Centre

The Working Woodland Centre project aims to bring under-managed and under-utilised woodlands back into positive management and promote rural enterprise for the local community in traditional woodland products.

If awarded the 6000 will be used to help with the Working Woodland Centre project including purchasing materials and equipment and providing opportunities to work with the local communities to improve our local woodlands. For further information about the Working Woodland Centre please click here.

How to vote!

Click on the following link to visit the Natwest Community Force website http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/5907

If the link does not take you directly to the Greensand Trust project page please type 'The Greensand Trust' into the search engine on the Natwest project page, ensuring that the search for projects button is highlighted. Then click on the orange leaf on the map, a summary box of information about the Greensand Trust Working Woodland Centre project will appear, click on more information. You will now be able to see the Greensand Trust project page.

You do not have to be a Natwest customer but you will have to regsiter your email address before voting. You can opt out of any future mailings from Natwest.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time to help us.