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“We Greensand Trust Volunteers, or "Voles" for short, are like minded people. We enjoy making a free contribution of our skills, energy, and time to tasks that change and improve the environment in and around the Greensand Ridge. The area has a remarkably diverse wildlife and landscape structure that deserves conservation. 

We work as a team, one day a week,  under a professional leader at a variety of sites on tasks such as hay making, pond clearance, tree felling, slashing and burning of vegetation, fence, gate and board walk construction, seed collection, seed planting and tree nursery work, hedge planting and hedge laying (an ancient skill). Some also perform specialist tasks such as wildlife monitoring, photography and nature reserve wardening. Some enjoy the wildlife work; some enjoy the construction work; some just like being outdoors and most enjoy the fires. We learn new skills, for which training is provided.  Whilst doing these tasks, we incidentally improve our physical fitness, learn to have confidence and trust in each others abilities and often improve our general well being from being outdoors.  Another benefit is getting to know parts of the ridge that we would otherwise be unlikely to visit.

But don’t think Voles spend all our time working. We are a sociable group that enjoy chats at our tea breaks, and have get togethers on special occasions such as Christmas and leaving parties.  We also have one or two days off a year to go on an outing. Recently we visited the National Trust Wickham Fen wetland nature reserve.

If this thumbnail sketch of volunteering for the Greensand Trust interests you we look forward to meeting and working with you.”

Kelvin Horton,
Eastern Volunteer Representative

01234 743666