Grown your own!

£18,500 to preserve Bedfordshire’s orchards.
The Greensand Trust, in partnership with BRCC, has been awarded £18,500 for the Preserving our Orchards project from Grantscape.

The Preserving our Orchard project will work on a number of identified orchards to restore and conserve old varieties of fruit trees; create new areas of orchards and raise awareness of the local biodiversity and heritage associated with Bedfordshire orchards including Damson orchards. The funding will also be used to provide local volunteers and landowners with training, tools and support to encourage sustainable management of this increasingly rare and fragmented resource.
A series of workshops and training sessions will be advertised so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events.

£22,700 to help ponds in Bedfordshire
Grantscape awarded £22,700 to BRCC, in partnership with the Greensand Trust, to help preserve various community ponds throughout Bedfordshire.

The funding will enable The Greensand Trust and BRCC to train volunteers in practical pond management, looking after existing ponds and help other community groups to create new wildlife ponds for everyone to enjoy.