What is it’s Great Outdoors?
it’s Great Outdoors provides opportunities for those who are most at risk of social exclusion to access the countryside. These groups include older people, unsupported families and young people.
it’s Great Outdoors is a joint venture between the Greensand Trust, the Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project and the Forest of Marston Vale.
it’s Great Outdoors is part of the Mid Beds Healthy Living Initiative.

What does it’s Great Outdoors aim to achieve?
- To increase use and enjoyment of the countryside, improving the quality of life for key groups
- To improve mental health
- To improve physical health by promoting the use of the countryside as a resource for exercise, activity and enjoyment
- To address the needs of those who are most dis-advantaged in society, by breaking down the barriers that prevent people from accessing the countryside
- To strengthen social networks by encouraging communities to work in partnership on countryside projects and by organising local events and activities targeted at community groups and families

it’s Great Outdoors
The Smithy, The Village, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9HQ
t: 01767 626326
f: 01767 626331
e: info@itsgreatoutdoors.org

What does it’s Great Outdoors do?
- Conceive, plan and implement countryside related community projects
- Promote the countryside and its potential to key groups
- Encourage key groups’ participation through targeted events and activities
- Attract people from all walks of life into voluntary conservation work and find appropriate placements for them

Everyone can benefit from visiting the countryside, where the open space, fresh air and exercise help to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Just being in the great outdoors can provide a much needed break from everyday worry and stress.

At it’s Great Outdoors we help break down the barriers that can stop people most at risk from social exclusion, such as older people, young people and vulnerable families, gaining from the benefits that regular access to the countryside can bring.