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why do we need volunteers?
As a small, local charity we rely on the generosity of local people, whose hard work, time and skills allow us to continue and expand our work.

Much of what we do directly effects local people, so we want to involve you at all levels in our projects, from decision making to practical work.

Access to a large volunteer network allows us to make use of the wide range of specialised skills we need to complete our projects.

What’s in it for you?
- A chance to learn about and contribute to your local countryside and its heritage.
- Meeting new people and socialising. We organise additional social activities for volunteers.
- Training in a wide variety of skills, from writing newsletters and designing posters to building fences and first aid.
- If you are thinking of a career in countryside management or conservation you will benefit from experience as a volunteer. We could arrange for you to shadow a member of staff.
- The opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experience with others.
- Health and Fitness
- A great sense of achievement.
- Enjoyment!!

For further information about volunteering with us please see our volunteer booklet, click here.

If you are under 18 years and you are interested in volunteering please click here. What would you like to do?

Practical Work
We run weekly practical work tasks in our western and eastern areas. These teams of volunteers carry out essential countryside management to preserve and enhance local wildlife sites.

Site Warden
Wildlife Surveys & Monitoring
Help us look after and monitor a particular countryside site. This is a perfect opportunity if you have time but can’t commit to a specific day each week.

We will find you a project to suit your interests and abilities, offering training and advice.

Guided Walks/Events Volunteer Ranger
Get involved with our education/awareness raising work, aimed at adults as well as children. We are keen to get fresh ideas and helpers are always needed for guided walks, family activity days, preparing displays the list is varied and almost endless.

If you are interested in a career in countryside management or conservation this is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience to make your CV stand out. We require a regular commitment to work but are very flexible so can work to suit your course or job.

Photography and Art Database Work & Species Mapping
  A photo is worth a million words and we are keen to add to and improve our catalogue of photos and art.

Help us collate and analyse the results of species monitoring at our sites.

Office-Based Work/Administration
For those who prefer the indoors. You can work on a particular project or help with the day to day running of the office. Alternatively you can help with fundraising.

Visitor Information   Publicity/Website
  Help us provide information to the public in the visitor centres within Rushmere.
  Research information to contribute to leaflet, information boards and information on the website.
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